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Maths place value pre-test

This is my maths place value pre-test. In SAS we all devoleped a goal from our incorect answers. My first goal was reanaming large numbers, I have already completed reanaming large numbers so now I’m working on rounding numbers. I… Continue Reading →

my Hospital visit

On Friday the 23ed of October, I am getting my  tonsils out and grommets put in both ears. I’m so nerves and a little scared, I have had grommets before but I was 5 I think. So I can’t really… Continue Reading →

Monster Jam

On the weekend my family and I went to Monster Jam. There was about 6 truck’s that fell over. There was only one  that flipped of the containers and it left a big dint. My favorite one was Medusa, she… Continue Reading →

Melbouene Show

I had the best holaiday, I went to the Melboune show. I went with my Mum, Dad and one of my sisters. When we got there the first thing I did was go on a ride, called the Rock Star…. Continue Reading →

Reading Goal

My reading goal is to read at least 2 Chapters a session until the end off this term. To achieve this I will ignore the surroundings and read faster!

My day at Healesville Sanctuary

On the 1st of September all the grade 3’s and 4’s went to Healesville Sanctuary, We saw the hole place and it was the best day ever. My group saw about everything and still had time at the end to… Continue Reading →

Healesville Sanctuary

On Tuesday 1st of September the grade 3’s and 4’s are going to Healesville Sanctuary. My Dad is coming, I have Lola, Shayne and me in my group. On the bus I’m going to sit next to my Dad and… Continue Reading →

Cyber Safety

Cyber safety is all about being safe and responsible on the internet. This means no personal information needs to be posted on the internet about yourself or anyone else you know. Its important that we re-read our posts so the… Continue Reading →

My First post!!

Hi, My name is Amanda and I’m in MJO. I enjoy drawing, singing and dancing. I’m going to use this blog to post photos and comments. Stay tuned to see what I get up to.

Last week on monday, my class putt up our christmas tree. The tree lights up. The coloured balls we putt up are pink, green, blue, purple and orang. -Amanda P.S. Merry christmas.

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